#4042Lifestyle Challenge

At the beginning of every year people make resolutions to improve their life in some aspect, setting out with the best of intentions to clean up their diet, exercise regularly, spend more time with family etc.

Whether it be 'too much too soon', an 'all-or-nothing attitude', the resolutions are too rigid, or that many don't know how to maintain their journey when LIFE gets in the way, 80% of people have quit their goals by February every year!

At Crossfit 4042, our mission is to "Create sustainable, healthy lifestyles for people of all fitness levels in a family friendly atmosphere". We've learned that helping athletes find the balance that works FOR THEM will allow each individual to stay on the path to achieving their short term AND long term goals.

**Introducing the #4042Lifestyle **

The 4042 Lifestyle Challenge is not like any challenge we have done before! For 2020 we want to kickstart your New Year with a new Lifestyle! For us, our 4042 Lifestyle consists of 5 pillars:



We believe that if you commit to these 5 pillars, it will truly change the way you look, feel, and think!

What's included with the Challenge?

  • Initial assessment

  • Picture

  • Body measurements

  • Inbody scan

  • Physical test


  • 1 - 60 minute small group session


  • Nutrition seminar

  • Meal Prep Session

  • Lifestyle Foods guide

  • 25% Off any Driven Nutrition Supplements ordered during the challenge


  • Use of our ROMWOD area


  • Facebook group where coach's will share educational books and podcasts


  • We will schedule at least one social activity per week throughout the challenge. (Meal prep, ROMWOD session, etc.)

How long is the challenge?

Points will be kept for 4 weeks to give you a kickoff to your 4042 Lifestyle but it doesn't end there...being a Lifestyle, this should go on long term. We won't "weigh you out" until 90 days have passed and we plan to continue these reassessments every 90 days for all members. These are meant to be progress trackers, not a finish line.

How do I win?

Total points will determine the top 3 finishers
We will also have one random drawing for a prize for anyone that registers and does not finish in the top 3

What do I win?

1st Place Prize Package ($250 Value)
2nd Place Prize Package ($150 Value)
3rd Place Prize Package ($50 Value)
Random Drawing ($50 Value)


Current Members

Future Members