Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CrossFit 4042 different?

You can achieve elite fitness with a 15 minute workout. Don’t believe it? Schedule a time to come by and try us out. Saturdays are great days to see what we are all about. Call us at 919-348-9434 to book a free trial. Within that hour, we will put you through a warm-up, the workout of the day and a cool-down.  Also, you always have a certified CrossFit coach keeping an eye on you. It’s like having a personal trainer every day, but a lot cheaper than hiring one!

Class Offerings

-       CrossFit workouts

-       Specialized training programs for local sports teams

-       Personal one-on-one training sessions

-       Corporate wellness programs

Our Box 

-       5,400 sq. feet of training space

-       Free parking lot

-       Equipment includes Rogue & Get Rxd Olympic barbells, kettlebells, climbing ropes, tires, sleds, sandbags and much more.

What is a workout of the day (WOD)?

A “WOD” is led by a CrossFit coach, who reviews the movements that will be performed during the workout, then keeps a watchful eye on each of the athletes in the class. The WODs are done in a group setting. Typically each group is 10-15 people. You will never be left alone while working out. The CrossFit 4042 coaching staff keeps an encouraging presence throughout your entire experience.

Am I going to be the only one not “in shape”?

Absolutely not!  That is the reason we all show up to train! We want to work on our fitness. You don’t have to have any experience working out. You don’t have be familiar with what CrossFit is. Any one, regardless of fitness level, skill, gender and age can learn how to do CrossFit.

Why are the workouts done in groups?

CrossFit is a community. The athletes of our box are all a part of this community. During the workouts, we encourage and quite frankly, expect, that each athlete supports one another during the workouts. It’s typical to find that not only do you have your CrossFit coach pushing you through a workout, but also your fellow CrossFitters will be encouraging you as well.

Still not sure, what this means? You are welcome to observe any CrossFit class you want. Just stop by during a scheduled workout. Please arrive a few minutes before class is set to begin to meet with a coach.

What if I don’t know what the workout is?

Before you begin taking CrossFit classes, we will sign you up for the Foundations program. This course is an hour long and will meet 3 times. During that time, a CrossFit Coach will teach you the nine fundamental movements of CrossFit, as well as educate you on the overall programming methods of CrossFit. This is an interactive session, which will be setup in the following way: Instructional phase, where we introduce the movement, participation phase, where you practice the movement and the evaluation phase, where we make sure you are doing the movement to our expectations. Then we will put you through a guided warm-up, workout and cool-down. These classes are done with other Foundations athletes – remember, we are a community!

What if I don’t know how to CrossFit?

Everyone starts somewhere. See above!

How often should I train in one of the classes?

We recommend a schedule of three to five days per week. That means, you should listen to your body, if you are just starting out and train every other day and then build up to five or six days per week just be sure to take recovery time when needed.

What is Couch 2 CrossFit?

This is a beginner program with a CrossFit coach designed to prepare you for CrossFitting. During these sessions, you will learn the nine fundamental movements of CrossFit (Squat, Overhead Squat, Front Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Back Squat and Thruster). Each session builds on the previous session so we encourage you not to miss a session. Couch 2 CrossFit also allows us as coaches to get to know you, your strengths, areas that need work or special training circumstances for each individual. It’s a great way to also get to know the other athletes. CrossFit 4042 values our community (athletes) and since the workouts are done as a group and we are supportive of one another, it is very important to us that we get to know you and that you get to know others. We also value safety, which is why we require everyone to be proficient in the fundamental movements.

I’ve heard of people competing in CrossFit. Do I have to?

Nope. Most CrossFitters do not compete. Although, we encourage any one who wants to, to go for it! Each year there is a sectionals competition in which CrossFitters compete for a spot in the Regionals. If the athlete advances from the Regionals, they will compete at the annual CrossFit Games held in Southern California. The CrossFit Games involve CrossFit athletes from all around the globe. In fact, the CrossFit Games slogan is “The ultimate proving grounds of the world’s fittest athletes.” 

Can I try it?

Yes. We encourage anyone new to CrossFit or new to CrossFit 4042 to try us for free.  Participation and first-hand experience are a must when it comes to CrossFit. There is no better way to find out if CrossFit training is right for you, than to observe and participate in CrossFit with the hands-on instruction of a CrossFit coach. If you are interested in a free trial training session, please call us at 919-348-9434 to book a free trial.

Drop-In Policy

If you are visiting Clayton/Garner area and have CrossFit experience at another CrossFit affiliate, you are welcome to join us for a WOD.  We do request that you call us at 919-348-9434 or send an email to let us know you will be coming.  Sometimes we hold special events or have adjusted hours and we want to be sure you are informed of this.