Nutrition Coaching

We believe that a commitment to CrossFit is only part of the equation in achieving your fitness goals. What you fuel your body with will directly impact your success whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or change your body composition. We don’t prescribe fad diets. We recommend eating a balanced diet for life. We believe that each person is different and each person can perform, recover and grow when given the right foundation and the right tools. We will eliminate the confusion that many of us have when it comes to making the right food choices. 


At CrossFit 4042 we highly support and recommend adding nutrition as a part of your fitness journey. This is the way to attain optimal performance and unrivaled levels of health. You will feel noticeably better and accomplish your fitness goals sooner. You will learn how to gradually implement the right foods into your diet and avoid the foods that are sabotaging your health. You will be given the tools necessary to assist you along the way. We are committed to helping you achieve your nutrition goals and we guarantee results. You will look good naked!


Nutritional Consultations

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to accomplish your goals faster, build muscle, lose body fat and get in the best shape of your life, book a consultation today!


What is included?

  • Monthly one-on-one consultation

  • Weekly check-in and Nutrition Diary overview

  • Monthly measurements and weigh-in

  • Before and after pictures

  • Weekly personalized nutrition recipes and advice

  • Private group of all Nutrition members to share tips and motivation

  • Access to a digital food log that will track your intake of calories and macronutrients as well as provide guidelines for healthy eating

Breakdown of cost:

1-Hour Standalone Nutrition Consultation – $39 (Includes measurements, nutritional brief and nutrition gameplan)

4 Week program – $69
Continuing on Auto-pay – $39 for each additional month


Ready to start?  Call 919-348-9434 or email anytime to reserve your consult!