Open Gym (Membership add-on)

Members who choose this option will be given programming, full use of the gym equipment (with the exception of any equipment needed for classes being held simultaneously), and minimal supervision. 


Open gym schedules are available HERE


Rules of Open Gym:

  1. Basic gym etiquette still applies. Wipe down and put all your own equipment away.

  2. This is for members only. You cannot bring friends and family along to work out with you.

  3. Please do NOT ask, “WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY.” (See private training for individualized programming)

  4. Do not move equipment from one side to the other or take the equipment that classes are using.

  5. Open Gym Starts and ends promptly on schedule. Don’t disrupt the classes prior or after and be mindful to finish whatever you’re doing by the end of the scheduled time.

  6. Have fun and extend your hand to meet people.


Call us or email us to get pricing.