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At a minimum, we want you working out with us 3x/week.  We will help you establish goals to work towards, and show you how to track your results in our system so you can SEE your progress. Our dedicated staff of coaches will push your limits while keeping you safe and moving correctly.  


Our focus is to fuel your body so you can bring the intensity to your workouts!  Our goal is for nutrition to be sustainable in REAL life, while helping you work towards YOUR goals.  We try to avoid restrictive fad diets that are detrimental to your overall well being.


Part of the CF4042 Lifestyle includes a life outside of the "box"! This includes physical activities that get your heart rate up and add some variety to your fitness, but also a social aspect that keeps you interacting with other members! Follow our FB and IG page to stay up-to-date with events!


The ability to move freely and pain-free relies on the muscles being able to perform within their range of motion.  Our bodies aren't meant to hurt and we definitely don't want this as a result of your active lifestyle.  Come take a tour and see how we promote mobility and recovery daily!


We want you to be healthy physically and mentally, part of that includes learning new things.  Education for us, includes anything that could help you learn more about achieving a healthier lifestyle...attending a seminar, reading a book. listening to podcasts etc.  Check out our podcast for daily box info!