Amy Locklear

Amy Locklear


I do enjoy the longer endurance WODs. Learning to pace is an art and I have figured it out.


About Coach

I have a degree in Social Work and have always liked helping people. When I discovered my love of fitness, I realized by social work background definitely helps when people are struggling with health and fitness. Growing up I did not play organized sports but of enjoyed running. I enjoyed the quiet time and I was not competing with anyone but myself. CrossFit also gives me that. When it’s 3,2,1 go time it’s about me. I’m competing with me and as strange as it sounds it my quite time. I love being able to help people find their place in our box.

Turning Point

I am my own worst enemy. The self doubt and negative talk will try to creep in. Trying to find time for me when your an wife, mom, and Gigi is very hard. I can’t be 100% for everyone and that is hard sometimes. I know the hour a day I give myself in the gym will make be a better wife, mom, Gigi and in general a nicer person. Not being an athlete growing also has made me doubt my ability to be a good coach in the past. But as I have grown as a CrossFit athlete and a person I have learned it’s never to late to become an athlete.

Motivation & Passion

I love working with people and helping them teach health and fitness goals. I’ve been overweight and unhealthy and know how hard it can be to make lifestyle changes. Seeing people hit and surpass goals is so rewarding. I can relate to new athletes coming in because I was where you were.

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