Heather Gammon

Heather Gammon



Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Burgener Strength Level 1 Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

About Coach

At no point growing up would I describe myself as "athletic", "fit" or even "healthy". I loved sitting for hours reading books, and was a heavily involved in theatre arts during high school and college. I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed challenging my friends to eating contests-I can't remember a time that I ever lost-thank goodness for my youthful metabolism and decent genetics. I had two healthy babies in my 20s, but due to my stationary and generally unhealthy lifestyle I found myself with a muffin top that wouldn't quit. I tried a traditional gym and would use the treadmill until I got bored, and occasionally use a machine, but I had no idea what I was doing. I discovered Crossfit when I was 30, and my only regret was not trying it sooner! After 8 years it's still fun, effective, and empowering! I've been able to continue working out through two additional pregnancies, and my body feels and looks better than it ever did in my younger years! Being so involved in Crossfit I've also developed a much healthier relationship with food, learning to look at it in terms of "fuel" and not restricting calories in order to be thin; I've been able to pass that education down to my children giving them the knowledge to make better choices and taking away the guilt of an occasional treat.

Turning Point

My turning point in my life was watching my two year old daughter emulate me as I worked out. As a mom you know you have the ability to influence your kids lives, but one day as she's grinding out a long workout beside me it hit me that my actions were speaking volumes louder than words ever could. I have the power to show her, and my boys, how lifting weights will keep them moving well as they grow older, that conquering physical challenges creates mental tenacity, and celebrating non-scale victories is a must!

Motivation & Passion

I want everyone to feel the empowering boost of confidence that Crossfit gives you. Crossfit is so magical in that there are so many aspects there is a different victory available every day! You may run faster, or longer, or simply RUN for the very first time! You might squat without knee pain, or jump rope for the very first time, or deadlift 2x your bodyweight easily! Once you participate in just a few classes you start to develop goals you didn't know you had-and it's amazing to watch an athlete's face light up as they check a goal off!

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